Christmas Trees

Pine Tree Swaying2018 CHRISTMAS SEASONPine Tree Swaying

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!
We’re not just a tree farm, we are a destination.

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Open from Friday, Nov. 23 to Dec. 24 from 9 am to 4 pm


  • All trees are $50.
  • Choose a Fresh-Cut Tree or Cut-Your-Own.
  • We offer trees up to 9 feet tall.
  • Wreaths, kissing balls, roping, ornaments, tree stands and much, much more are available in the Rockin’ Reindeer Cafe.
  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards.
  • We have string and saws available.
  • We bale trees by request.
  • Visit our Nativity Scene and our resident reindeer, Jack, Noelle and Belle.








We offer 66 acres of trees to choose from. We do not allow tagging of trees. There are so many trees to choose from that tagging is not worth your while.

When you enter the farm we will offer to loan you a handsaw. We will give you general directions and answer any questions you may have. We mark the fields of fir trees with red flags and the fields of spruce trees with blue flags. You may drive around the farm on the main roadways. Please do not drive on the smaller driveways. Most people drive around until they see the type of tree they like and then walk from there. Choose the perfect tree, cut it, load it and bring it back to our exit. We have string available to secure it to your car. The best place to carry the tree is in the back of your car or truck. If you need to carry your tree on the roof of your car, please take the time to make sure it is secure. Please return the saw and pay for your tree.  We accept Cash and Personal Checks.

Fresh Cut Trees

We offer 100 precut trees in a bracket system that allows you to view the whole tree. We cut the fresh cut trees from our farm daily. We try to keep a good selection of types and sizes of trees available. We try to keep the rack full at all times, but this can be very difficult. For the best selection, please visit the farm during the week or early in the day on the weekends.

Please be very careful of buying a precut tree that is not a fresh cut tree. Trees that are trucked in from a far distance are not always fresh when displayed. These trees are often cut very early to fulfill large orders and to avoid bad weather. These trees can be handled very roughly during the shipping process. The best and safest precut tree is a fresh cut tree.

Growing Christmas Trees

TransplantBeds_ThumbGrowing Christmas trees is our specialty. We have 66 acres in the production of trees. Growing high quality Christmas trees require a great attention to detail. In late winter every tree receive a precise amount of slow release fertilizer to maximize growth, color and density. The amount varies by size and type of tree

TreeView_Thumband is based on a soil sample analysis and a needle sample analysis. In early spring we spray herbicides to control the weeds near the trees. Weeds compete with the trees for water and nutrients. We leave a grass strip between the rows to control erosion and to give the good insects a place to hide.

HandClippers_Thumbthe spring we plant the majority of our baby trees. We plant thousands of two to three year old baby trees in transplant beds. Our transplant beds are on six inch by six inch spacing in four row blocks. When our baby trees are four years old we move them out to our field plantings. Our field plantings are planted on six foot by five foot spacing, which works out to be about 1,400 trees per acre. Our field planting will take between six and eight years to reach harvest size. We mulch each baby tree with a large fork full of wood chips. The wood chips preserve moisture in the soil, reduce weed competition, and reduce the chance of frost heaving in the winter. We are growing more trees per acre then ever before. We are interplanting baby trees in between mature trees that are ready for harvest. It takes several years to harvest all of the mature trees, which gives the baby trees time to become established. Most of our trees are grown on raised beds to increase air drainage and water drainage. Raised beds maximize the amount of topsoil available to each tree.

All spring, summer, and fall, we are on the lookout for insects and disease problems using an integrated pest management (IPM) system. When the insect or disease reaches a damaging level, we treat the problem. We mow between each row of trees at least twice per summer. We spend the majority of the summer shaping every tree on the farm. Each tree is touched three times. First, we use a non-girdling tape to straighten the top of each tree. Second, each tree is hand sheared with a large knife. Third, we use hand clipper to remove multiple tops and do a final inspection of each tree. Hand shearing is a huge project but our high quality of trees separates us from the other tree farms.

We plant some trees in the early fall. Fall is our second chance to control the weeds around the trees. We spend a large amount of the fall preparing the farm to open the day after Thanksgiving. We mow all the grass on the whole farm. We pull the vines out of the trees. We cut the brush growing in the field. We fill in the woodchuck holes and the washouts from the heavy rain. We smooth the surface of our extensive parking areas. We block vehicle access to the smaller driveways.  We work year round to prepare for a very short selling season.

The month of December is such an exciting time for us. We really believe in our slogan “ Experience Dzen Tree Farm, where family traditions are made!” It brings us great pleasure to see all of the happy families creating and enjoying family traditions

Holiday Safety

We want your Christmas holiday to very safe. A properly cared for Christmas tree is not a hazard. It is what the consumer does to the tree that causes the hazard. A fresh tree is a safe tree. The freshest tree is one that you cut yourself. We offer 130 acres of trees to choose from. If you choose a precut tree, try to choose a fresh cut tree from a local farm. We offer 100 precut trees that we cut daily from our own fields. Before setting up the tree in your home, make a fresh ½ inch cut off the base of the tree to reopen the pores in the trunk. Immediately place the tree in a large stand with warm water. The warm water helps to flush out the pores. A large stand is more stable and most importantly holds more water. We sell three different sizes of stands in our greenhouse. Do not allow the stand to run dry. The tree will drink a large quantity of water each day. If the stand does run dry, remove the tree from the stand, make a fresh cut, and start over again. A properly cared for tree will be a safe tree for a very long time.

The largest hazard is what we do to the tree. The tree should be located away from heat sources including wood stoves, candles, and heat registers. We should inspect lights and ornaments before placing them on the tree. Each strand of lights should be stretched out on the floor and plugged in. When in doubt, throw it out. Do not leave lights plugged in when we are not home. Christmas trees do not start fires; faulty lights and decorations put in or around trees start fires.

For more information about choosing and cutting your own tree, please call us at