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Pick Your Own 

Bring the whole family.  Children are always welcome.  

Pick Your Own

We offer 3 acres of pick your own blueberries at 215 Barber Hill Road in South Windsor at the tree farm. The picking season is usually in early July. We provide free boxes to put your berries into.  When you bring one of our boxes back, we will give you a .10 cent refund.  We do not buy back your boxes.  We charge by the pound.  As always, children are welcome on the farm, as long as they are supervised. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a family picnic on our grounds.

For daily picking conditions and hours, please call us at (860) 648-2233.

Use berries within three days of buying them. Leave them unwashed until you use them. Berries absorb water from washing, which causes them to lose flavor


Native Americans ate blueberries from low bush wild plants.  The domesticated high bush was started in 1908 in New Hampshire.  Crosses were made between New Jersey wild bushes and New Hampshire wild bushes and the high bush industry was born.  In 1937, a Vermonter took over the breeding program and new varieties were born.  The first high bush was planted in 1948.


We offer one variety called Duke.  It was developed in New Jersey.  It has light blue, large size fruit with a mild flavor.  It is a firm berry with little seeds.  All of the strawberry recipes can be adapted using blueberries.

Health Benefits

Blueberries not only taste good, but they are good for your health.  Tufts University Boston is doing research showing the compounds in blueberries reverse existing short-term memory loss.  A cup of blueberries a day may keep Alzheimer's away.  Blueberries are higher in anti-oxidants than any other fruit or vegetable.  Concord Grape juice is #2 and the Strawberries are #3.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is doing studies suggesting blueberries can reduce urinary tract infections and improve night vision.  The Native Americans used wild, low bush blueberries to treat stomach problems.

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